Permaculture #1. Observe and Interact

Breaking down the permaculture principles from “Permaculture Ethics & Principles” from New England Permaculture Homestead.

Building a New England Homestead

Observation is a very powerful tool when working with permaculture.  It also gives you an excuse to take a peaceful walk through the woods or sit and just look around.  When you are still and just take in your surroundings, you will be amazed at what you can learn.

Permaculture has so much to do with following the patterns of nature and working with nature, not against it.  Therefore, we need to take the time to look at nature and see what it does.  Look at the patterns created, watch the cycles through the year, look at where different plants like to grow and which types of bugs live on these plants.  Observe the different ecosystems and how all the plants and animals work together.  They all produce “waste” that other living things can use and they all use some sort of “waste” produced by other living things.

You not…

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