Aquaponics-adding our next phase

We have been in our greenhouse now for a couple of months with

Greenhouse AP tank set
Greenhouse AP tank setup-fill & drain systems

our aquaponics setup. It has gone very well and we are starting to get some small growth from our herbs, cherry tomatoes, radishes and other plants in our existing two grow beds. Now is the time to add our 3rd tank and bed, which we decided would be a constant height system vs the fill & drain systems we currently have installed.

We would have to put the new tank in a corner by the equipment door opening, so I had to run new electric outlets over to the area before I could set a tank in. SInce I don’t touch electric-even dead electric, my neighbor and brother-in-law were nice enough to do the installation for me, while I worked on the tank.

Adding the new tank in the corner meant also that it will get the least amount of sunlight throughout the day. With less sunlight and being a constant height aquaponics system, the growth in the bed will be primarily cooler  or shady plants-so a lot of leafy greens and maybe some celery.

Full IBC tote to start
Full IBC tote to start
IBC tote cut for fish tank
IBC tote cut for fish tank


Since I already had an extra grow bed I could use from a previous tank conversion, I decided I would keep the IBC tank as whole as possible to allow for larger water storage, thus more tilapia. I only cut about half the top and a little of the front, just enough for me to be able to work with my tilapia as needed. This will allow me keep about 200 gallons of water in the tank at all times.

Constant height aquaponics tank set up in shady corner of greenhouse.
Constant height aquaponics tank set up in shady corner of greenhouse.

Once the electric was done, the rest was pretty easy: move tank and grow bed into place, then add all peripherals (heater, aerator and pump). It all turned out pretty good but now I did have the problem of adding some type of filtration since the constant height system does not automatically filter like a fill & drain system.

I came up with 3-stage filter system that seems like it will work pretty well. I won’t go into length on it now, but you can see how I built it by going to the above link.

This completed the installation of the third-and last- tank for the greenhouse, but we do have planned many more growth opportunities, including a gutter garden and vertical gardening… stay tuned for later updates.

15 thoughts on “Aquaponics-adding our next phase”

  1. I’m about to start building my house and once its finished one of my big plans is to set up aquaponics system, just like this. I’m so glade to see it all in place and hear things are going well. Thanks for sharing.


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