Another Year Ahead

Aquaponics is a growing trend. Many people looking for a little more self-sufficiency others looking to grow a business. Her is a post from a fellow blogger about just that.


Now that I’ve said goodbye to the year 2014 (you really sucked after the first three months), I can move on to the new year 2015. Let’s hope you do better than the year before.

Since it’s a new year, I decided to begin something new, or to be more precise, to bring that something back to how it was before. I’m talking about my current hydroponic system which I’ve used for growing lettuce and right now, basil and peppers. After meeting up with my adviser/professor/business partner whose idea it was to sell the herbs as produce rather than the plant itself, I knew I had to revert my hydroponic setup back to an aquaponic one. We agreed that being ‘organic’ as much as possible is a choice that is too good to pass up on, both as a practice and as a selling point. I realized that if we…

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