Greenhouse Project-Phase 1 Completion

The Greenhouse project is moving forward with completion of Phase 1, the exterior build of the greenhouse. Yesterday we received our final inspection approval on the exterior.

Greenhouse from rear.
Greenhouse from rear after completion certificate issued
Greenhouse side view
Greenhouse side view-before flashing installed at peak
Greenhouse front view
View from front

We are thrilled to finally get to this point, but did get some bad news after it rained last night. The upper windows are leaking, not just a little but severely.

All of the window framing is permanently installed-would have to do major construction to re-install windows, so we are going to try and work from the inside to get the leaks repaired. Hopefully we can because I really don’t want to have to do a partial tear down. Of course, we really can not proceed to phase 2 (the interior) until we are sure there are no more leaks.

The interior will take some time, since we will need to dig out approximately 3 ft of earth to install a rocket-mass heating system, along with all the insulation and interior walls. Not to mention the electric (solar) and plumbing for a 1200 gallon aquaponics system. I am excited about moving forward to this phase, but that won’t happen until we repair the issues in phase one.

Greenhouse Project-Inside

Aquaponics-the adventure continues

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