Code of Chivalry-Debateable?


I was reading an article in the Costco Connection Magazine this month ( which really took me by surprise: the debate as to whether chivalry is outdated.

First being surprised that it was a debate, but trying to understand, why a 500 year old code which asks us ” to Live one’s life so that it is worthy of respect and honor” could be debatable.

In reading those opposed, it is a point of being discourteous and disrespectful to woman. Since the beginning of the women’s rights movement 100+ years ago, it has now become disrespectful to open a door for a lady or escort a lady across a busy street?

Chivalry in the literal sense may be dead, since it is a medieval term used to guide the Knights (literal meaning of time: servant) of the time through their ongoing activities. As Scott Farrell stated in the article, “chivalry has much more to do with service, duty, commitment, and fidelity”. The Dictionary states meaning as , “relating to knighthood code: relating to or reflecting the values of the medieval code of knighthood, especially courtesy, self-sacrifice, and a sense of fair play”.

Chivalry is dedicated to NOT being disrespectful or discourteous to anyone. Which in my estimation is just being a good person in general, with genuine concern for others feelings with whom one interacts.

Anyone in business or which deals with the public on a regular basis, must be chivalrous if one wants to survive in today’s business world. Again the dictionary stated, “courtesy, self-sacrifice, and a sense of fair play”. Are these not three very important factors in building a solid business for oneself?

Working in the direct sales industry, I find that courtesy (treating others with respect), self-sacrifice (giving of oneself for the betterment of others), and sense of fair play (being honest) are critical to the success of not only my business, but everyone on my team.

Chivalry, to Live one’s life so that it is worthy of respect and honor, in my life and business, this will never be a debate.


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