The owners of Save Green Going Green live frugally, yet enjoy enjoy our lifestyle. We are suburban homesteaders, spending each day actually returning to the lifestyle of our ancestors. Not that we do not enjoy modern day amenities, but everything we do is both productive to maintaining our family and making a positive impact on the world around us. We are not lavish, but make everything we do fulfill a purpose toward our overall vision.

We have a three-fold vision:

 1) To live a more sustainable & green lifestyle, through utilizing eco-friendly methods and techniques. We studied our ancestors who, through “homesteading”, lived a greener lifestyle before “green” was in.

2) To Save Money on daily expenses through being frugal or finding ways to reduce our dependence on items that are not self-sustainable.

3) To find 0pportunities to increase income while maintaining our positive effect of the environment.

We hope that you, our visitors, will find this site useful & helpful, as well as being able to fulfill our vision.

Home city: Baltimore, MD

4 thoughts on “Home”

    1. Thanks Mark
      Ran across your blog on a comment to Homestead Hubby. I am retired and my wife calls me the Homestead Hero because I handle everything at home. We are suburban homesteaders with rabbits, bees, soon to be chickens again, several garden beds and an inside aquaponics setup with several 100 tilapia fish. So needless to say I am always interested in other homesteader blogs-in particular from the male point of view. (I get the female view on a regular basis)
      Thanks, Steve


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Sustainable Living & Saving Money; Homesteading like my ancestor's, except in suburbia!

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